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    Perfect Renew Youth Retinol

    Is there any high-functioning
    Retinol product that
    feels comfortable to use?

    Perfect Renew Youth Retinol - Mild, Hydrating, Powerful effect
    Perfect Renew Youth Retinol


    Mild and high-functioning
    retinol cream

    Verified by 4,900 reviews.

    *Based on AP Mall and Naver Brand Store in Korea
    “The perfect product to recommend to hesitant friends
    who worry about their skin’s adaptation to retinol.”
    “Exceptionally effective for pore-tightening,
    not to mention anti-wrinkle.”
    “I love that it’s a retinol product you can use on the entire face.”

    Highly recommended
    by customers.

    • After use, fine wrinkles on the entire face
      seem to have reduceed.
    • After use, skin feels fimer. 96.87%
    • After use,
      I’m satisfied with overall skin improvement effect.
    • After use, I’m willing to buy the product. 100%
    • After use, I am willing to recommend this product to oters. 100%

    Tested by: Global Medical Research Center in Korea /
    Subjects: 22 women aged 20-49
    Test period: 2021.02.18-2021.02.26



    Perfect Renew Youth Retinol
    Perfect Renew Youth Retinol

    Mild and high-functioning
    retinol cream

    3 benefits from 3 ingredients

    Pure Retinol (95%)*
    29.4% wrinkles reduction1)

    14.5% reduction
    of pores

    5D Hyaluronic Acid
    100% satisfaction
    on hydration3)

    Tested by: Global Medical Research Center in Korea
    Number of subjects: 32 women aged 20-49
    / Test period: 2020.11.02 - 2020.12.04
    1) Average value of clinical test results on 8 types of wrinkles
    after 4 weeks of use. (Nasolabial folds, forehead, mouth area, neck,
    under-eye area, crow’s feet, inner-corner of the eye.)
    2) Clinical test on temporary appearance of
    enlarged pores reduced after 4 weeks of use.
    3) Satisfaction after using the product for one week.
    *Refers to the purity level


    Anti-wrinkle is a basic!

    Under-eye Area

    *Images belong to a top 6 subject.

    Nasolabial Lines

    *Images belong to a top 5 subject.


    Pores tightened!

    Temporary Improvement

    *Images belong to a top 15 subject.


    Moisture replenished!

    After use, the skin feels more hydrated overall.
    After 1 week of use 100%
    Perfect Renew Youth Retinol

    *Satisfaction survey in Korea for 32 women aged 20-49 after 1 week of use.

    Fragile retinol,
    Powerful protection against
    outside environment

    • 7-layer aluminum tube
      1.A specially-designed
      7-layer aluminum tube.
    • 3-step airtight container
      2.Along with the patented 3-STEP airtight container
      that completely blocks out light and oxygen
    • tube’s cap
      3. For customers to use the product
      in the freshest condition.

    HOW TO

    Perfect Renew Youth Retinol Model
    • Week 1 / Week 2
      Use every other day

      Apply an amount
      the size of a rice grain
      on wrinkles once a day at night.

    • Week 3
      Use every day

      Apply an amount
      the size of a bean
      on the entire face once a day at night.


    STEP1 3X Skin Refiner / STEP2 3X Signature Serum / STEP3 3X Emulsion / STEP4 3X Cream / STEP5 Youth Retinol Cream

    Precautions for using Retinol

    3X Skin Refiner / Signature Serum / S3X Emulsion / Cream /  Youth Retinol Cream

    3 weeks of acclimation

    Allow skin to adapt in the first
    3 weeks of usage.
    Make sure to wear sunscreen before going outside during the day!

    ※ Retinol absorbed by the skin at night lasts during the day. Make sure to use a sunscreen even when you don’t apply retinol in the day.

    Things to Avoid

    • Exfoliators / scrubs
      with risks of skin irritation

    • Products containing
      AHA / BHA

    • Massagers with
      risk of skin irritation

    • LED masks to prevent
      possible photic stimulation

    • Usage right after
      laser treatment

    Q & A

    Q1. Can I pair LANEIGE Retinol with Radian-C Ampoule/Cream?
    Yes, Retinol and Radian-C make a great pair!
    However, Retinol and Vitamin C from Radian-C may irritate the skin.
    It is advised to add Radian-C after first going through an adaptation stage
    for Retinol (for 3 weeks). When using both products, make sure to use
    the retinol only at night.
    Q2. Can I use it while I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
    No direct side effects have been reported after the use of Retinol
    by an expectant mother. However, if you are pregnant (or breastfeeding), seek advice from your doctor.
    the thought of any risk itself may have a negative impact. For this reason,
    we do not recommend using “functional cosmetics” to these users.
    Q3. Should I avoid the use of all products containing AHA/BHA?
    Do not use Retinol with products that contain AHA/BHA.
    This may cause skin irritation. However, if you must use a product containing
    AHA/BHA, have a 3-week adaptation period for Retinol first. Avoid products
    that contain high levels of AHA/BHA. It is advised to pause the usage
    of Retinol products for a certain period of time (around 2 days) before and
    after using an exfoliator.
    Q4. Can I use it with an LED mask or a high-frequency device?
    Using retinol with an LED mask or a high-frequency device
    may cause skin irritation. Because Retinol has the potential to induce
    skin irritation, we make sure to provide the most conservative user guide.
    If you must use those devices, we advise you to stop applying Retinol for
    a while then use your LED mask or high frequency device after about 2 days!
    Q5. My skin has a stinging sensation and became flaky
    after using Retinol.
    If your skin stings and becomes flaky after using Retinol, it means
    that it’s actually working for your skin. If the skin
    becomes flaky, wait until it exfoliates naturally instead of trying
    to peel it off. Soothe your skin by applying a highly moisturizing cream
    over it. If your skin becomes red or flaky, pause your use of retinol until
    the symptoms disappear then continue once they’re gone.